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Company Overview

Kaleidoscope Venture Capital, Inc. d/b/a Kaleidoscope Medial Systems, Inc. (“KMSI”), a Nevada corporation founded in 2011, is a publically traded company on the over-the-counter market. Our corporate headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.

Company Concept

KMSI strategically deploys and connects kiosks to form a proprietary digital network that fulfills products and services, delivers information, provides advertising and entertainment and utilizes social media and online marketing strategies.

digital kiosks - PAL

Capture user information at the placement location, educate, entertain and inform users about the business of the kiosk owner through our customized marketing solutions, effect third party advertising and build our network through the facilitation of user information and movement of data.

Our kiosks are valuable as they will push and pull information at business locations to end users, which will facilitate direct marketing and analysis of user patterns for more effective services, while building larger marketing pools for both clients and KMSI.

KMSI aims to become the only proprietary digital network that can deliver a wide range of content to end users throughout the world. Our objective is to build a network, Kaleidoscope Connect, of millions of users in 2017.

Digital communication has become an “everyday medium” for advertising and delivery of content across all industries on an international level. We believe in the relevance and significance of using social media and virtual communities as a platform to deliver and maintain communication, customer relationships, brand recognition and marketing.

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