Kaleidoscope Cannabis Systems (“KCS”) designs, develops and delivers customized software as a service (“SAAS”) to the cannabis industry. The KCS system works for all levels of the marijuana industry, and is able to track product from seed to sale. For producers and processors, the KCS system will facilitate compliance tracking and reporting while delivering state of the art inventory management and invoice controls. All of the KCS systems are built to allow for reliability and tracking using HIPAA compliant standards, which are implemented at both the recreational and medicinal levels. Marijuana retailers will find an unmatched level of integration with total business care from the front of the business, and throughout the back office. The back office systems include financial accounting, which reports directly from the daily activities required to operate. The KCS POS modules report directly to the KCS financials and update inventory in real time, creating live data so any party with the appropriate access will know where their business is at all times.

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