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In today’s environment of diverse models, front desk functions can be a purely un-manned set-up to a full customer service and sales function, to a combination of both. Our Club Software handles it all, with the mind-set of simplicity, customer service, and sales opportunities. The following gives a few examples:

Full Service Front Desk:

Our Club Software is structured so that the customer service oriented front desk person can easily and efficiently take care of their members. Our system is designed so that any issue that may arise is instantly alerted and can be easily drilled down to by the front desk person without having to go from module to module. Having easy access to information is key for any customer service person to effectively do their job when there is traffic of individuals wanting to check in. From addressing a Red screens which alerts “top priority” items like past due bills to addressing Yellow screens which alerts “medium priorities” like membership communication items, the CRM can easily and quickly navigate to the issue at hand, show the issue on the screen, describe the issue with confidence and even quickly email the issue to the member with one easy click. With the same ease as finding the information, we built in the same efficiencies in solving the issue at hand. From simply clicking “Pay Now” to changing customer information to sending a statement via email to a customer, it’s all just a click away without having to have multiple modules opened. The degree of drilling down and what latitude you want your staff to have in dealing with customer service issues is completely prescribed by you. Some operations want to view only, some want to view and the ability to change/correct, and some want view for certain transactions and view and change/correct for other types of transactions. It is all up to you. In any scenario, however, it is easy to manage member needs and circumstances, yielding the best customer service environment possible. Besides checking into the facility, a full service front desk may also check members in for various services. Checking in for personal training, a scheduled class, child care, tanning, massage, court time, whatever the service is, it is only a click away for a front desk person to check that person into the services a member may want - all from the check-in screen - without having to go from module to module. Whether it is dealing with peak volume time or managing payroll costs, we can create a scenario/system that yields the same customer service while effectively controlling labor costs. Please see below, as all of what is presented next can efficiently be woven into a full service front desk.

Express Front Desk or No Front Desk:

High volume clubs, express clubs and key access clubs all have needs of making the member feel special through a highly efficient check-in system, while protecting their business. Our Club Software can be structured to handle numerous scenarios while creating an atmosphere of good customer service. Most common in our industry is the usage of Key Door entry systems and Key Gate entry systems. Our software can be hooked up to most systems out there so there will not be a need to change the hardware already in place. If this is a new facility, you can take advantage our suppliers and leasing programs to acquire what you need.


Obviously, a function that has to be done right as Cashflow is what allows you to be in business. With the importance of billing and collecting money, many have left such mysteries to companies that keep it a mystery. Our software is designed to take the mystery of billing away and to be completely transparent.

  • We give the club extreme flexibility in how they bill. Clubs can choose daily billing, or set days billing or combinations depending on service types…it’s all up to you.

  • There is no need for human interaction for billing to happen. The system automatically invoices, batches, bills, and posts all transactions.

  • You or your employee will receive appropriate reports to completely demonstrate what took place. From reports that lists cancelled transactions that can’t be billed (stolen card, exp date etc) to reports of payments and declines…you will easily be able to understand your dues.

  • Funds received from the billing process NEVER touch our account - only yours - and the accounting of such is easily reconciled. We do not receive your money, take fees, or hold funds. Your money is your money. Obviously, credit card and ACH fees will automatically be taken from your account per your agreement with the Merchant Processor.

  • Processing declines can be set-up automatically to match how you communicate with your customers and your membership agreements. In addition to this, your accounting department can simply run a report and hit “bill,” and an additional billing transaction can take place in seconds. In addition to this, the system is set so that you can easily identify a member and instantly run their payment.

  • As stated above, we automatically email, text, or both, the member so that they can address the situation quickly.

Information, communication, ease of use and transparency - this is our theme throughout all of what we do. Also, as explained in our pricing, we do not charge you declined fees, keep late fees, charge credit card discounts on un-collected funds; The list of what other companies charge is long and confusing. We keep it simple.


Communicating with members is absolutely vital for a successful club. However, finding an effective, cost efficient means that is constantly applied every day is difficult at best and sometimes cost prohibitive. As club owners ourselves, we know that this component in our software had to be a cornerstone to the various solutions needed by club owners. We experienced what it meant to leave such tasks with our employees, the reams of paper utilized in manual systems, and the fact that it took constant oversight and management to make even the simplest of tasks happen. Accordingly, we created a very powerful and automatic means of communicating with members on an individual basis.

In all systems, like ours, what a member does or doesn’t do is tracked (to various degrees in various systems). As a part of our powerful CRM system, we know that certain communications can be effectively made based upon events happening or not happening and thus, created very efficient communication system that, once set-up, takes very little to no human interface to assure it consistently happens, every day, every time. Communication mediums can be by phone, text, online messaging, email or any combination you wish. You can set which medium you used by customer preferences or by event types. For emails, you can elect to utilize our personal concierge be in the email, speaking to your member in addition to the text of the email. Microsoft did a study on sending out emails with, and without this type of avatar (or real life person), and found that those that had such, had a 60% increase in response - even though the message was exactly the same.

The following are some examples of meaningful communications that can be set-up in our system:

  • Bills not going through is a constant headache for all club owners, as well as for the members. How often has your staff had to deal with “why am I charged a late fee…there’s plenty of money in my account”; or, “why has no one notified me of this problem and now I have a large balance”? In today’s banking environment, EFT and ACH payments have become more and more protected against unsavory acts and hence, has made it more and more probable that member payments are not always processed - even though there was money available. To the member, the club has just created a hardship and easily gets frustrated. Whether it is the bank’s fault or the member’s fault that a payment isn’t made, how a club owner deals with their members over this issue greatly affects the club’s retention rate. With our system, an automatic email, text or both, will go to the member explaining that the payment didn’t go through, giving them a web site to make the payment, and, if appropriate for the club, a time line that if they make the payment, they will not experience a late fee. (As mentioned above, they can also change or update payment methods).

  • Whether they go up to a kiosk, or go on-line, our avatar concierge will guide them through the steps of taking care of their payment. "I signed up on line, and never heard from anyone." What an amazing happening, yes, but it does happen. Our system will not only send-out various welcomes and invitations for our member to participate in as a new member, but can also notify appropriate staff in their follow-up calls to-do list (see Staff Mgt.) to also call, welcome and invite.

  • Clubs can offer monthly or quarterly fitness assessments. After thousands of members flow through your club, how efficient is your staff in following up on current members? Our system will monitor a member’s activity in any service, or member offering, and send automatic invitations to schedule, along with notifying appropriate staff.

  • Thank you cards, birthday cards, etc., all are nice to receive. Our system will make it happen electronically, without you paying someone to do it.

  • Emails and text reminders of scheduled appointments so that “no-shows” are kept to a minimum. Also, if the member needs to re-schedule, when they receive the email, they can simply click to go online and do so right from home. A new schedule will be emailed to both the member and the appropriate employee.

  • PT sessions running low? You can set-up automatic reminders on any service package that a member participates in to remind both the member and the staff to renew the service.

  • Member has not been in for a while? Let’s get them back in with a motivating email and an offer to have a trainer get them on track.

  • Other more sales oriented emails are available as well (see Sales, Marketing).

There are plenty of other reasons to communicate with your members. On set-up, we will go through your list, create the verbiage you want to say and set the system to automatically communicate with your members based upon your criteria.


Tasks are just that, tasks outside of production or service that you expect your employees to do every day or some amount of times in a week. Tasks can be automatically generated such as, “Every time you start your shift and before you end your shift you must do a walk-through of the club and rack weights,” to special tasks appointed by a manager for today such as, “I need you to cover front desk from 1 to 2.” In all cases, the employee is directed to confirm whether or not such a task has been completed.

Making sure they are on point.

Employees can see their accomplishments or need to catch up for the day at any time - and so can management - and a report can be automatically populated for an employee. It lists out the type of task and description of what needed to be done, and also shows a colored indicator of their status. An employee should be weary of a red button as they knows that their managers can see this.

Production staff stats are automatically tracked and an employee can see a live-view of how they are doing in relationship to their goals. If so directed, we can also set the report to show their teammates progress as well to spur healthy competition. The reports are shown in very simple view of how an employee is doing. Other specific reports can also be obtained from this screen as well.

We demonstrate certain parameters of measure - you can have different ones configured to match your process. For the illustration; however, the above measures New Sales (number of units), Member revenue (NMS), EFT Increase, Referrals (number of), Presentations (number of), Appointments (number of) and Closed (number of). Accordingly, if you set goals for your production team, these goals are then measured against either the end results or the needed action to obtain such results. When compared, the report will assign a letter “grade” as well as a color code for each item of measure and will also perform a projection of what would happen if they maintain their course.

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