Kaleidoscope Cannabis Systems (“KCS”) designs, develops and delivers customized software as a service (“SAAS”) to the cannabis industry. The KCS system works for all levels of the marijuana industry, and is able to track product from seed to sale. For producers and processors, the KCS system will facilitate compliance tracking and reporting while delivering state of the art inventory management and invoice controls. All of the KCS systems are built to allow for reliability and tracking using HIPAA compliant standards, which are implemented at both the recreational and medicinal levels. Marijuana retailers will find an unmatched level of integration with total business care from the front of the business, and throughout the back office. The back office systems include financial accounting, which reports directly from the daily activities required to operate. The KCS POS modules report directly to the KCS financials and update inventory in real time, creating live data so any party with the appropriate access will know where their business is at all times.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Customer setup, quotations, sales orders, and credit status on dynamic screens
  • Record and view on a single page, all conversations, satisfaction indicators, personal information
  • View customer’s wish list and relevant competitive data in one location
  • Calendar and Scheduler for customer interaction and follow-up
  • E-mail, fax or print quotations, sales orders, invoices, and account statements
  • Product pricing and discount override during sales order creation with optional gross margin display
  • Credit limit consideration and inventory availability displays
  • Put order or customer account ‘on hold’ to resolve issues
  • Track price lists, quotes, sales orders and open invoices pertaining to a customer
  • Order tracking and delivery schedule data capture on mobile handheld devices
  • Commissions tracking on sales as applicable
  • Customer purchasing trend indicator

KCS empowers your employees with tools they need to enhance customer relationships by providing personalized, timely, and informed customer service. The Customer Relationship Management module integrates and automates customers’ interactions to achieve enhanced revenue, improved employee productivity and long lasting customer loyalty. To allow your customer care employees to respond quickly to waiting customers, the CRM module provides customer centric information displayed in a one-screen user friendly format.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

KCS helps boost profitability by optimizing sales automation and enhanced customer interactions. The Sales Force Automation module combines sales opportunity, customer data, order details, and inventory availability, whenever and wherever needed. Your sales force will be able to prospect more efficiently, process orders more quickly, reduce operating costs substantially, and provide customer service superbly delivered.

  • Opportunity management
  • Forecast and Sales Plan
  • Account and contact management with seamless integration with Customer Care
  • Integrated Calendar and Scheduler
  • Mass e-mail, SMS and fax capability for campaigns and promotions
  • Multiple price lists capability
  • Customized pricing and promotions management
  • Mobile handheld device order processing with bar code scanning
  • Single point customer set-up
  • Single action population of quotations using price list
  • Single action conversion of quotations to sales orders
  • Comprehensive sales commission calculations
  • Sales and Gross Margin analysis with drill down to underlying transactions

Accounting and Financial Management:

KCS deploys a world-class Accounting and Financial Management module featuring user defined internal controls and audit trails – yet it is surprisingly flexible, intuitive, and user friendly. Leveraging tight integration and data sharing with all other modules - data recording accuracy is enhanced and very efficient. Now you can have access to real-time data from any of your company's divisions or locations - including orders from your Web site storefront. With over 40 standard reports and the ability to define customized versions, you can get all the information needed to satisfy accounting, auditing, continuous improvement initiatives and operational controls.


  • User-defined ageing parameters for accounts payable
  • Multiple accounts payable control accounts availability
  • Batch check printing
  • Voided Check ‘reversal’ with automatic accounting entries and reinstatement of payment details
  • Multiple payment capability - Checks, Wire Transfers and Credit Cards
  • Record and tracks credit card purchases
  • Define payment and/or place purchase order on hold
  • Make and track prepayments without vendors’ invoices
  • Make and track advance payments with automatic application to invoices
  • Automatic of manual selection of invoices for payments
  • Debit Memo for returns, shortages, damage and other reasons
  • Early payment discounts with Vendor Discount Analysis
  • 1099 vendor reporting
  • Miscellaneous bill creation and payment


  • Single action creation of invoices from packing slips (shipping documents)
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses
  • Complete sales tax rules engine, with Country, State, County, City and Zip Code demarcation tax rates
  • Customer sales tax exemptions and exceptions
  • Credit memo for sales returns or other issues
  • Returned checks processing
  • Automated freight charge calculations
  • Payments in advance processing and automatic applications at time of invoicing
  • Multiple General Ledger control accounts may be employed
  • Accounts receivable statements and lists with user defined aging rules
  • Unpaid invoices and collection analysis

General Ledger

  • Seamless integration and automatic posting of entries from any module
  • Immediate and deferred posting of journal entries
  • Industry centric/user defined account numbers from 4 to 24 digits
  • General Ledger reporting at detail level traceable to individual transactions
  • Unlimited number of accounts as defined by user’s Chart of Accounts
  • Custom grouping of accounts as defined by user’s Chart of Accounts

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

KCS streamlines purchasing and inventory management tasks by providing decision support and automating purchase requests and other recurring procurement steps. The SCM module provides data and imbedded controls to shorten lead times and expedite procurement actions. With greater accuracy, insight, and streamlined processes provided by SCM, you will avoid most excess inventory costs and ‘stock-outs’ that negatively impact customers’ current needs and longer term loyalty. SCM will record and report to regulatory agencies for compliance purposes.


  • Convert Inventory Requisitions to Purchase Orders at the click of a button
  • Create and track purchase orders for inventory and service items for multiple locations
  • Unit of Measure (UOM) as defined/converted
  • Unlimited notes/specifications at line item level with data feed to inventory and sales management.
  • Warning when establish credit limit with supplier is exceeded
  • Purchase request authorization includes digital signature if desired
  • Vendor price list management
  • Electronic submission of Purchase orders to vendors
  • Backorder visibility


  • Unlimited number of items and batches
  • Inventory quantity tracking
  • Select standard or (weighted) average costing
  • Item serialization control
  • Multiple pricing and discount levels with quantity tiers
  • ‘Soft’ allocation of inventory items
  • Reorder point and minimum order quantity
  • Inventory adjustments for quantity and cost
  • Return Materials Authorization (RMA) with one click Shipping Document and Debit Memo
  • Inventory handling for multiple locations with transfer capability
  • Kitting and de-kitting of inventory and service items with automatic cost calculation
  • Automatic notification to Buyers of items at reorder levels and pending requisitions
  • Inventory item specifications/quality clauses/inspection instructions

Human Resources Management

KCS’s Human Resources Management module provides a uniform record keeping format, reduces administrative costs and optimizes human resources deployment, training and advancement. Streamlining your human resources administration and reporting procedures will also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction and retention. The HR module provides administrative, payroll, employee benefits, time management and reporting functionalities.

  • Record and track all customary information including the following
  • Link employees with ‘home’ organization for sales commissions, data security rules and reporting
  • Unlimited user controlled job descriptions
  • Allow employee interaction with KCS based on job requirements
  • Hire dates
  • Salary and wage information, including pay history
  • Emergency contact
  • Employee lookup
  • Benefits selection
  • Time card printing
  • Time and Attendance

Point of Sale

KCS offers affordable and smart Point-of-Sale solution with Cloud or on site solutions. This solution is geared with a number of innovative features that benefit the retail business by enhancing employee productivity. The operational efficiency is maximized with the automation of regular Point-of-Sale tasks. With its simple yet robust design, the solution offers maximum performance and adaptability, and is easily manageable and scalable. With its ease to integrate with KCS, the KCS POS helps the retailers to run an efficient and resilient business.

  • Operable with Touch Screen, Keyboard or Mouse from any modern web browser
  • Bar Code Scanner Support
  • Convenient Prepay Option (Credit Card, Debit Card, Online, Cheque etc.)
  • Seamless integration with KCS
  • Flexibility to be used as a stand-alone module
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Integrated Barcode Printing
  • Integrated Price Label Printing
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Credit card Payments
  • Credit card/Cheque Scanner
  • Integrates with Z-Out and Cash Register
  • Digital Image Capture capability
  • Sign Pad Integration
  • Detailed Point-Of-Sale and Business Reports facility


KCS offers top of the line E-commerce solutions with the option of linking to all some or none of the KCS systems. Seamless integration to physical locations and allowances for single management interfaces makes orders, inventory, sales, and customer tracking with management easy.

  • Unlimited Categories, Products and Information Pages
  • Multiple Languages, Currencies, and Tax Rates
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Related Products and Recommended products for each listing
  • Shipping Weight Calculation with support for all major carriers
  • Discount system with Coupon system integration
  • Search Engine Optimization native in all designs

SMS Text delivery and Mobile Integration

KCS allows for complete CRM with mobile integration and direct delivery of marketing materials. With better customer perception and lower costs than traditional marketing methods you can increase marketing responses by over 50% without breaking the bank.

  • Double Opt In
  • Text 2 Win, Vote, and Give
  • Surveys in a conversation flow
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Twitter & Facebook Integration
  • Web Opt-In widgets
  • Mobile Coupons with Tracking
  • Mobile Landing Pages
  • Mobile Apps
  • Geo Fencing
  • Multiple levels of service for Keyword use on shared or dedicated lines

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